Shawn Kimberly

P&E Constructors Vice President of Operations

Shawn Kimberly is P&E Constructors’ Vice President of Operations, tasked with ensuring the organization has an engineering capability in place to support their base business and external customer’s needs. 

Shawn came to P&E a few short months after retiring from Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, where he was also Vice President of Operations. He was expecting to only do some part-time consulting work, but when John Wadsworth and Jeffrey Grace approached him with the challenge of building a top-shelf engineering capability, he couldn’t refuse joining the P&E team. “I am passionate about team-building and helping others succeed,” Shawn says. “I’m really excited about building this capability and getting P&E involved with projects at inception.”

Shawn was intrigued by P&E’s current trajectory and their corporate values. “They are in growth mode right now,” he says. “I wouldn’t have come here if the company wasn’t aligned with the personal and historical values I’ve held throughout my career.” He is impressed with P&E’s commitment to their Core Values, teamwork, and the family atmosphere they create amongst employees. 

In addition to building a strong team, Shawn wants to use his perspective as a former owner/customer to help P&E grow. “I’m looking forward to working with the leadership team to focus on our shared goal of creating the most value for our employee shareholders,” Shawn says. 

When he’s not at work, Shawn enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, watching Kansas State football games (he’s a K-State grad!), hunting, and participating in archery tournaments. His wife and daughter both teach, and his twin sons are both studying computer science in college.

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