$130M turn-key EPC greenfield project in Texas

Project Overview

P&E Solutions recently completed a $130M greenfield project for the USD Group, a mid-stream energy infrastructure company, in Port Arthur, Texas. The 320-acre loading terminal turned an empty coastal area into a bustling hub of product processing and transportation for the client.  

All-in-one turn-key EPC service

P&E Solutions was the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor for the turn-key, speed-to-market project. P&E Solutions oversaw the project through every stage — concept development, feasibility studies, front-end engineering, final engineering and design, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up operations. 

Speed-to-market design and procurement

P&E Solutions role was especially critical during the initial project stages. The Solutions team in Texas strategically prioritized the design to accommodate the longest-lead-time equipment and materials to ensure the project was delivered on time. The upfront time and coordination allowed engineering and procurement to work hand in hand to guarantee all components were streamlined for procurement and fully compatible with the design. 

During the procurement phase, P&E Solutions faced equipment lead times of up to 11 months. To get the procurement to mesh with the schedule and design, P&E Solutions worked with a multitude of vendors to seek out the best combination of quality, cost and timely delivery. Having all procurement activities managed by P&E Solutions allowed the project to complete on time and within budget. 

From greenfield to loading terminal in 16 months

P&E Solutions had a variety of trade partners during the construction phase; these scopes included civil, rail, tank, mechanical and electrical work for the project. The 320-acre site was cleared; 32,000 feet of track installed; and three 150,000 BBL holding tanks were constructed. 

P&E Solutions oversaw the installation of more than 40,000 linear feet of piping that included B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, API 1104, and NFPA 13 code work.  P&E Solutions was also responsible for all the electrical work onsite. There were approximately 200,000 linear feet of wire throughout the site. This wiring included low voltage, 120V/208V, 480V, 4160V, and 13.2KV. P&E Solutions also procured three pre-manufactured MCC buildings, with the largest being 78 feet long by 18 feet wide and  450,000 pounds. 

In just 16 months, P&E Solutions helped USD group transform an unused greenfield property into a business-growing loading terminal facility—a win for both our company and our client.

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