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From expertise in specific environmentally friendly technologies to being a trusted contractor and construction manager, we are ready to meet a wide variety of client needs.

$37M anaerobic digestion facility for a Gillett, WI farm

P&E Solutions helps a farm produce renewable natural gas and partially treat wastewater for a positive environmental impact.

$37M anaerobic digestion facility for a Gillett, WI farm

$130M turn-key EPC greenfield project in Texas

P&E Solutions transformed an unused greenfield property into a business-growing loading terminal facility in Texas.

$130M turn-key EPC greenfield project in Texas
Construction Management

We have the civil, electrical, mechanical, storage and transportation expertise to manage your entire construction project.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

This integrated, turnkey approach to construction reduces owner risk and costs with guaranteed prices, performance and completion dates.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

IPD is a coordinated venture between the owner and contractor that aligns goals, increases efficiencies and maximizes speed to market.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Highly efficient CHP systems produce electricity and use waste heat to generate steam or hot water.

Anaerobic Digestors

Anaerobic digestors use microorganisms to break down organic material to create biogas, which can be used for heat and power.

Start-Up & Commissioning Support

Starting up a new plant? P&E Solutions can provide invaluable support as your operations get up and running.

Project Oversight

P&E Solutions can also act as an owner representative to manage third-party contractors and provide needed project oversight.

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