$37M anaerobic digestion facility for a Gillett, WI farm

Project Overview

P&E Solutions recently began an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project to help a leading dairy farm producer Zahn’s Farm near Gillett, WI convert cow manure into renewable natural gas (RNG). Partnering with Aerogy, P&E Solutions will install an anaerobic digester (AD) geared to handle manure created by 8,000 head of dairy cows to produce over 200,000 MMBTu of RNG per year. It’s expected to yield some of the highest biogas per cow figures in the market. All the while, the system will reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere and clean the discharge water created by the farm.

The innovative project also includes a fiber building, biogas processing equipment, gas compression equipment, fiber separation equipment, fiber dryer equipment, and various pumps. The team is currently laying the foundation for the fiber building and clearing way for the digester. Project Manager Justin Swiler and Construction Manager Steve Ellis project April 2023 to be the finished project date.

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