Dylan Warden

Director of HSE & Industrial Relations

Dylan Warden is P&E’s Safety Director, overseeing safety for all of P&E’s organizations.

Dylan began his career as a Corpsman (EMT) in the Marine Corps with some additional field safety duties. His interest in the safety industry began with a safety internship with the Mohegan Wolves, a Connecticut arena football team, during his service. Early in his career, he met P&E in the field in 2006 and soon joined the company as a field safety technician. He became a field safety manager and then took over as the organization-wide safety director in 2019.

“Just today, we hit 750,000 man hours without a reportable injury,” Dylan shares. “That was a major milestone. I want to continue to grow our culture of safety here at P&E.” Dylan’s favorite part of his role as safety director is being out in the field and interacting with employees on job sites. “I like getting to watch and really enjoy the work that we do,” Dylan says.

P&E’s motto “bringing the best of us to everything we do” is central to Dylan’s daily work life. “It’s one of the most important things we talk about: If everyone does that, our organization—any organization—will succeed.”

Dylan says he takes that message home to his two children, as well. His family keeps a busy schedule: His son and daughter play on traveling baseball and softball teams. (They are following in the footsteps of Dylan and his wife, who both played college sports.) When Dylan isn’t at P&E, you can find the Warden family competing, hunting and traveling together.

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