Kelly Kelp

Administration Manager

Kelly Kelp is the Administration Manager for P&E Company. Before coming to P&E, Kelly worked in sales and marketing for DXP Enterprise and in customer service management roles across diverse industries. Her curiosity about the “human factor” in every business — how different people are motivated and led — ties together her past experiences. 

“It’s the people that make things move,” said Kelly. “Treating everybody with respect and understanding and finding out why things are done a certain way — that’s a lesson that has helped me in every position I’ve had throughout my working career.” 

Kelly was drawn to P&E’s dynamic environment, employee ownership philosophy, and the opportunity to explore a different facet of the industry while contributing as a member of the leadership team. She officially joined P&E in July 2023 and enjoys the diversity of her daily tasks and close collaboration with her colleagues.

 “If you can build trust and rapport with an internal customer — that’s rewarding,” said Kelly. “I take it seriously. I want to do a good job for my company and the people who rely on me.” 

In her role, Kelly looks forward to refining and streamlining P&E’s processes, cultivating her team, and establishing a solid foundation for communication with both internal and external customers. Beyond her professional commitments at P&E, you can find Kelly spending quality time with her family.

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