$26.9M sulfur recovery unit construction project

Project Overview

Led by Project Manager Kent Schlosser and Site Superintendent Don Henry, P&E Company managed the overall construction of a sulfur recovery unit inside an existing refinery. P&E self-performed all of the mechanical piping, structural steel and equipment setting while overseeing a group of trusted subcontractors for the other required disciplines. As the general contractor for the $26.9 million project, P&E Company supervised 230,000+ work hours. The project included more than 5,200 cubic yards of excavation; 2,050 cubic yards of concrete; 340 tons of structural steel; 44,500 feet of both alloy and carbon piping; and 45,000 feet of galvanized rigid conduit. The team maintained weld rejection rates well below the industry standard during the life of the project. P&E Company also set all equipment and towers and erected a metal building to house half of the unit. P&E Company completed the sulfur recovery unit construction on-time and within budget for its valued refinery customer.

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