Ammonia-to-Glycol Chiller Conversion

Project Overview

Following up on successful conversions at Pepsi plants in San Antonio, TX, and Abilene, TX, P&E Company’s electrical team tackled the food and beverage giant’s chiller conversion project at its Tulsa, OK, location. 

Ammonia to Glycol Conversion

P&E Company converted two ammonia chillers to a glycol system, improving the plant’s safety and efficiency.  The team diverted all ammonia from inside the plant to outside, significantly reducing the risk of dangerous indoor leaks. This comprehensive conversion covered all aspects of the system change from control panels to detection systems. 

Extensive Pepsi chiller upgrades

P&E Company’s electrical experts built all the refrigeration control panels and HMI (Human Machine Interface) panels for the fill room, maintenance area, and compressor room, ensuring Pepsi’s plant managers have real-time access to the system’s data at their fingertips. The team ran power to the control cabinets and  installed three 10-horsepower condenser fans. The team mounted, powered-line and loaded two 40-horsepower VFDs and two 30-horsepower starters. P&E Company was responsible for installing and wiring all instrumentation, solenoid valves, pressure transmitters and level transmitters.

 Finally, the team installed a Draeger ammonia detection system to ensure emergency ventilation and automatic electrical shut-down if unacceptable concentrations occur with the remaining unconverted ammonia chillers. 

Full spectrum electrical services ensure plant efficiency

P&E Company offers a wide variety of electrical services for the food and beverage market and beyond, including conversions like these, plant maintenance,  new construction and emergency repair. Continuing P&E Company’s relationship with Pepsi, this ammonia to glycol conversion project helped a loyal client keep its plant running smoothly and efficiently.

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