Helping Birla Carbon increase air quality output

Project Overview

P&E Company recently helped Birla Carbon meet EPA compliance requirements at its Hickok Facility in Ulysses, Kansas. While P&E Company’s main role on this project was utility piping and support-system tie-ins for two new incinerators, the team also provided day-to-day support and people-power for the project’s general contractor, Alberici, and its engineers, Worley. The $2 million project was led by Project Manager Josh Petrik. 

Increasing air quality output to meet EPA compliance requirements

P&E Company installed 5,100 feet of piping, more than 700 supports and equipment (valve stations, control skids and more) for multiple systems, including instrumentation, instrument air, intermittent and continuous blowdown, feed water, condensate, steam, natural gas, plant water, atomizer cooling air and tail gas. P&E Company also installed heat protection and guarding on ducting systems and helped project partners relocate the boiler as needed. 

With the goal of increasing Birla Carbon’s air quality output at the Ulysses location, P&E Company played a key role in allowing the company to meet important EPA compliance requirements.

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